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Run of 18

Congratulations to those that made 2016’s Run of 18 a success. 

Please see below for the opening fixtures and the rules for 2017’s contest.  Pay particular attention to the last three bullet points so you can maximise scoring!

If you haven’t been involved before please ask Luke at training how it works, or read the rules below.

2017 Rules

The competition is open to all Clevedon AC members who had paid their annual membership fee by 1st January 2017.

Participants must complete 18 or more of the races listed in order to qualify for the competition (hence the name).

Prizes will be awarded in December 2017 to the first, second and third placed male athletes and the first, second and third placed female athletes.  There are no age group prizes.

At the end of the competition the winners will be those that have accumulated the most points. Points will be awarded to each participant that completes a listed race based on the following criteria:

  • 1st placed Clevedon AC athlete = 25 points
  • 2nd placed Clevedon AC athlete = 24 points
  • 3rd placed Clevedon AC athlete = 23 points
  • 4th placed Clevedon AC athlete = 22 points
  • 5th placed Clevedon AC athlete = 21 points
  • 6th placed Clevedon AC athlete = 20 points
  • ...down to a minimum of 1 point for the 25th placed Clevedon AC athlete.

If there are more than 25 Clevedon finishers in either the Men's or Ladies' races then each member finishing in 26th place or lower will be awarded zero points.

For the purposes of the competition Men's and Ladies' race results will be treated separately.  

No points will be awarded where an athlete does not complete a race or does not feature in the organiser's official results.

Competitors will have sole responsibility for organising their own entries to races.  XC race entries will continue to be coordinated on the day of the race by Team Captains/Managers. 

The Run of 18 Coordinator is Luke Murray. All queries relating to the competition should be sent via email.

Run of 18 updates will be released monthly by email and will also be made available on the club website.

The dates of some of the races have not yet been confirmed and there is likely to be a need to make changes due to date conflicts. Any changes required to the race schedule will be discussed and agreed by the Clevedon A.C. Committee.  Members will be notified of changes as soon as possible.

For the Parkrun dates you may race anywhere in the UK.  You will be given points based on your finishing time relating to any other members racing on that day.

  • Bonus Points – 10 bonus points and 1 race count will be awarded to anyone competing a marathon (or further) at any point between January 1st and December 1st. You must notify the race coordinator within 30 days of race date.
  • Bonus Points - 10 bonus points and 1 race count will be awarded to anyone competing in a race outside of Great Britain between January 1st and December 1st. You must notify the race coordinator within 30 days of race date. A photo in your club vest please!

The ‘Joker’ is back this year. Playing the joker anytime before your chosen race doubles your points. You may only play the joker once in 2017 and you must let the race co-ordinator know before the gun goes.

Current Tables

Standings as of the end of October 2017.

Joker = played joker


Male   Race & Date       Race Count Points
    14.10.17 21.10.17 26.10.17 BONUS    
Name c/f x country park run prom run POINTS    
Steve WoodJoker 707 25   24   30 756
Martin HewlettJoker 387   25     17 412
Matt Crocker 385     23   18 408
Phil CollinsJoker 277 24       13 301
Tom Abrahams 269 22       16 291
Simon Smith 227   23 18   16 268
Luke Murray 257         11 257
Ben Burns 209     22   10 231
Gary Lewis 175 23   21   11 219
Nigel Charman 173     20 10 11 203
Nathan Walpole 160     19   10 179
Malcolm Roberts 131 21 19     11 171
Simon Hancock 142   24     8 166
Alex Murray 166         8 166
Chris Davies 158         11 158
Si Hawkes 132     13   9 145
Kev Neads 125   20     8 145
Jason Moss 107     17   8 124
Andy King 78     11   8 89


Female   Race & Date     Race Count Points
    14.10.17 21.10.17 26.10.17      
Name c/f x country park run prom run      
Dawn BarchamJoker 566   25 19   25 610
Laura Meech 470 25   24   21 519
Helen BallJoker 383     21   17 404
Sally Richards 266     18   14 284
Sophie Bridges 220     20   11 240
Marie Lochrie 176 24   16   12 216
Kerry Coombes 168     17   10 185
Jemma Lewis 138   24     8 162
Steph James 134     15   10 149

Fixtures for 2017

Download the list here.


  Date Race Link Race Number
Sun 1st Hangover 10k 1
Sat 7th Park Run 5K 2
Sun 15th Riverbank Rollick 3
Thu 19th Weston Prom Run 5m 4
Tue 31st Aztec West 5K 5
Sat 4th Park Run 5k 6
Thu 16th Weston Prom Run 5m 7
Sat 18th Glos. Cross Country Cheltenham 8
Sun 26th Ironwood Challenge 10k 9
Tue 28th Aztec West 5K 10
Sat 4th Gloucester Road Relays Please note change from original list - this is not a parkrun - see 25th! 11
Sun 12th Bath Half Marathon 12
Sun 19th Gloucester 20 13
Thu 23rd Weston Prom Run 5m 14
Sat 25th Park Run 5k 15
Sun 2nd Taunton Half Marathon 16
Thu 6th Burnham 5k 17
Sun 9th Chedworth 10m MT 18
Thu 20th Weston Prom Run 5m 19
Sun 30th Glastonbury Tor 10k (SW RR Champs) 20
Sat 6th Park Run 5k 21
Sun 14th Tewkesbury Half Marathon 22
Wed 17th Tyntesfield 10k MT 23
Thu 18th Weston Prom Run 5m 24
Sun 28th Wells 10k 25
Sat 3rd Park Run 5k 26
Wed 7th Bitton 5k 27
Sun 18th Lacock Abbey 10k 28
Fri 23rd Nailsea Festival 'B & B' 10k 29
Fri 30th Towpath 10k 30
Tue 4th Sri Chimnoy 2m Eastville Park 31
Sat 8th Park Run 5k 32
Wed 12th Bitton Easyrunner 5k 33
Fri 14th GWR Towpath 10k Mobmatch Provisional date tbc 34
Fri 4th Westonbirt House 10k 35
Wed 9th Bitton Easyrunner 5k 36
Sat 12th Park Run 5k 37
Sat 26th Dartmouth Regatta 5m 38
Sun 3rd Oldbury Power Station 10m 39
Sat 9th Park Run 5k 40
Sun 17th Bristol Half 41
Thu 21st Weston Prom Run 5m Provisional date tbc 42
Sat 23rd Midland 4/6 Stage Road Relays 43
Sun 1st Portishead Multi Terrain 10k   did not go ahead
Sat 14th Gloucester League Cross Country 43
Sat 21st Park Run 5k 44
Thu 26th Weston Prom Run 5m 45
Thu 2nd Burnham 5k 46
Sat 4th Gloucester League Cross Country 47
Sun 12th The Sodbury Slog 48
Thu 23rd Weston Prom Run 5m 49
Sat 25th Park Run 5k 50
Sat 2nd Park Run 5k 51
Thu 7th Burnham 5k 52



Men's Competition


Race Count


Steve Wood



Tom Abrahams



Gary Lewis




Ladies' Competition


Race Count


Jemma Lewis



Laura Meech



Sally Richards




Men's Competition

  1. Alex Crossland

Ladies' Competition

  1. Laura Meech


Men's Competition

  1. Nick Hides
  2. Alex Crossland
  3. Morph Richards

Ladies' Competition

  1. Helen Ball
  2. Sally Dennis