Personal Bests


New for 2018!  The Personal Best competition is designed to offer Clevedon AC athletes another way to have their season of racing and their performance improvements recognised, regardless of age, gender or ability.  To help the club's runners maintain motivation for training during the winter or busier times,  the PB Competition may offer the incentive and be rewarded for all that hard work. 

Competition Rules

  1. The Personal Best Competition is open to all Clevedon AC members that have paid their annual membership fee. 
  2. The winner of the competition will be the racer who has accumulated the most time over their previous officially recorded Personal Best, in the 2018 season from 1 Jan 18 to 31 Dec 18.
  3. Important: To mitigate the effect of age, a Clevedon AC member's current personal best is considered their fastest time over a recognised distance, in an official event in the last calendar year (I.E. The 2017 racing season).
  4. Racers are required to notify the PBC Coordinator within 14 days of successfully completing the race in order for it to count. 
  5. The PBC Coordinator should be notified at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the event name and a link to the results.
  6. Events are deemed all races that have published results on the organisers' WebPages or social media platforms will be considered.
  7. Recognised distances are those published on Power of 10 or ARC national results tables, or if a runner completes a bespoke distance race over the same course i.e. Multi terrain or Ultra courses.
  8. Events must only be running races (no multi-sport races will count i.e. Triathlon).
  9. The athlete must complete the event in their Clevedon AC vest.
  10. Prizes will be awarded to the Top 5 Male and Top 5 Female winners.  There are no age group prizes.
  11. A Clevedon AC member who wins more than one competition in a season will only be presented with one competition prize, with the prizes being awarded on a roll down basis.  The order of competition prestige is: 
    1. Run of 18 competition.
    2. Wear The Shirt competition.
    3. Personal Best competition.
  12. Competition standings will be published regularly throughout the year on the Clevedon AC media platforms.

Current Standings

Download current standings here.